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Facultaty of Automation and Computer Science
Address: 26-28 G. Baritiu, 400027, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Dean office: Room 48, Phone: +40-(0)264-401219
Dean office secretariat: Room 48, Phone: +40-(0)264-401218
Students secretariat: Room 45, Phone

Secretariat of the Faculty

Chief secretary of the faculty (interim)
Eng. Țimbolmaș Delia
Room 48, 26-28 G. Barițiu
Students Secretariat
Room 45, 26-28 G. Barițiu
Timetable: MONDAY between 8-9, 11-14, 16-20, TUESDAY - FRIDAY between 8-9, 11-14


Secretary name

Students distribution

Contact information

Petrică-Druhora Eugenia

CTI Bachelor, Romanian, 1st and 2nd years

AU Master 1st and 2nd years: CAP, IAISC, ICAF, IA



Eng. Popa Nicoleta Maria

AU Bachelor, Romanian, 1st - 4th years

AU SM Bachelor, 1st - 4th years

CTI Master 1st year: SISC



Eng. Țimbolmaș Delia

AU Bachelor, English, 1st - 4th years

CTI Bachelor, English, 1st and 2nd years

CTI Master 1st and 2nd years: RCSD, IVA, IS, IC, TIE, CSC



Fried Julianna

CTI Bachelor, Romanian, 3rd and 4th years

CTI Bachelor, English, 3rd and 4th years






  • CTI – Computer Science and Information Technology
  • AU – Automation and Applied Informatics
  • SM – Satu Mare
  • RCSD – Communication Networks and Distributed Systems
  • IVA – Artificial Intelligence and Vision
  • IS – Software Engineering
  • IC – Computer Engineering
  • TIE – Information Technology applied in Economics
  • SISC - Information and Computing System Security
  • CSC – Complements of Computer Science
  • CAP – Advanced Process Control
  • IAISC – Applied Informatics in Complex System Engineering
  • ICAF – Advanced Manufacturing Control
  • IA – Applied Informatics
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